People with a personal question are able to request a private conversation / consultation with Tulku Sonam Choedup Rinpoche. During this consultation Tulku Sonam will go deeper into personal questions and is able to advise you.

For specific questions that are answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ Tulku Sonam can seek advice with the ‘Mo Oracle’. Consulting the Oracle Mo can only be done in the morning hours by Tulku Sonam due to the position of the sun. For consulting the ‘Mo Oracle” the name of the consultant and the question are needed


Friday 18 October 2019


Medicijn Boeddha bekrachtiging

Zen Shiatsu Opleiding - Amsterdam

Sunday 20 October 2019


Lezing: Positieve Zingeving

Ouderkerk a/d Amstel

Sunday 27 October 2019


Lezing - Leven in vertrouwen

Yoga Tempel - Haarlem