Teaching on the use of the Medicine Buddha in Tibetan Buddhism.

Medicijn boeddha small

In Tibetan Buddhism the Medicine Buddha takes an important place: he represents the healing aspect of our Buddha nature.

Tulku Sonam Choedup Rinpoche will teach how meditation on the Medicine Buddha and reciting his mantra can be used as a powerful medicine against the root causes of mental and physical suffering. A major source of disruption to our health, the fundamental experience of discomfort and unfulfilled nature seen at the base of our human existence is.The practice of Medicine Buddha brings us a reconnecting with our inner peace and harmony.

The Medicine Buddha sits in meditation and holds a begging bowl set filled with energizing nectar. In his right hand he holds the wick of the myrobalan fruits plant, which effectively for both mental and physical disorders.


Friday 18 October 2019


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Sunday 20 October 2019


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Sunday 27 October 2019


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